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The Ohio Association of Boards of Health is committed to offering opportunities for education and information exchange to local board of health members by providing training and pertinent related materials for their use for the health and safety of their communities.


Public Health Combined Conference held in Columbus, OH, May 27-29, 2018

OABH is looking for people that are interested in serving with the OABH Board of Directors. If you are willing to serve or would like more information, please email Becky Stewart at oabh_2@yahoo.com.

Interested in Membership?
If you are currently not a member of OABH but are interested in membership, please call Becky Stewart at 614-785-9303 or email oabh_2@yahoo.com.

Board Of Health Member Continuing Education:

Since 2014, local board of health members are required to complete two hours of continuing education each year. OABH is offering a set of presentations that meet this requirement. Each presentation is brief and can easily be shared during your regularly scheduled local board of health meeting or be used as part of a board retreat. This is a great way to meet the requirement. The cost of the DVDs is reduced for OABH members.  Click button below to order your educational DVD.  You can fax, mail or call Becky Stewart to place your order.