OPHP's Public Health in the 21st Century project consists of three workgroups. 

  • Costing of Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) in Ohio Workgroup:

The goal is to: have an appropriate model for costing of Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS). Chairperson: Melissa Branum, Greene County

  • Pathways to Foundational Public Health Services and PHAB Accreditation for smaller local health departments Workgroup:

The goal is to: determine how LHDs <50,000 population will be able to meet provision of Foundational Public Health Services and achieve PHAB accreditation. Chairperson: Erik Balster, Preble County

  • Increasing Capacities and Utilization of Shared Services Workgroup:

The goal is to: explore and provide recommendations on the effectiveness and efficiency of providing foundational public health services and meeting some PHAB standards through shared services agreements. Chairperson: Joe Mazzola, Franklin County.

Read the charters and find out how to get involved below. 

Costing Workgroup Team Charter.pdf
Increasing Capacity Team Charter.pdf
Pathways Team Charter.pdf
Call to Action Volunteers July 2016.pdf