Over the next two years, with anticipated participation from across public health in Ohio, we will increase the opportunity for health for Ohioans by achieving the following deliverables and outcomes:

  • A standardized way of collecting cost information in Ohio related to the foundational public health services (FPHS).
  • A validated methodology for determining the cost to local health departments (LHDs) for FPHS in Ohio.
  • Identify a per capita cost to provide FPHS in Ohio
  • Identify opportunities, barriers and solutions for implementation for cross-jurisdictional sharing in Ohio, especially for smaller local health departments (LHDs). At least one multi-jurisdictional group of local health departments to implement shared services.
  • Pilot test recommendations of the Population Health (SIM) Planning group by the implementation of strategies by two LHDs. Test for alignment of state health department, local health department and hospital community assessment and planning timeline and priorities.
  • Recommendations completed and technical assistance provided for cross-jurisdictional sharing or other opportunities for smaller LHDs to meet FPHS in Ohio. 

Download the project schedule below.

PHNCI Learning Community Schedule.pdf